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Patient Intake Forms For Urgent Medical Referral

PI Hurt is a referral company, and we excel in referring patients to doctors in case of any injury followed by an accident. We will acquire preliminary information from you and assign the best suitable medical expert to assure 100% recovery.

Our professionals determine exactly what kind of specialized medical service you require after gathering your medical information. Consequently, it saves time and you are just a call away from getting the best medical care. You can connect with us at PI HURT for the best urgent medical referral, regardless of the accident severity and events that have lead to this accident.

It is the protocols and SOPs we follow that has made a hectic process very easy for our esteemed patients. The enormous amount of information that needs to be collected and managed is a big hassle that you can avoid. The considerable amount of paperwork in each patient’s file can be annoying. Patient intake forms are present in a sizable portion and we make sure that they are taken care of without troubling the patients.

Initial Intake for Doctors

Our helpful and friendly staff brings ease in every process involved from beginning to end. Some processes may be lengthy and extensive, depending on the treatment. You don’t have to download, print and fill out these forms because our staff takes care of everything for you. A patient could be drained, pressed for time, anxious, or ill. Asking the patient’s family or the patient to fill out such forms seem inappropriate. Many inquiries from patients can’t be immediately answered. The patient schedules a visit with a medical practitioner based on their needs.

We have made the entire process very easy with the help of our friendly staff. You will be assisted with these initial intake forms in such a smooth and efficient manner that you will not be annoyed or bothered for even an instance.

Seemless Process for Quick Medical Referral

Scheduling a medical appointment is not just it. The medical service needs to acquire complete health records and background of the patient to provide adequate level treatment. A patient recovering from an injury or a trauma after an accident may not be able to provide all the required information efficiently. PI Hurt fully understands how to acquire these initial intake forms and proceed accordingly.

You don’t have to be worried about getting the forms printed or wandering without any assistance after you get in contact with our professional customer care team.
Since its us taking care of all the initial intake forms our esteemed clients do not have to do anything prior to coming to us. We fill it out for you, we acquire the information, we print them out and this is how we save our clients from all inconveniences.

On the top we ensure that the processes for one patient do not intercept with any other patient’s processes. Either it’s the initial intake form or the schedule of appointments and consultation with your doctors.

Therefore, at PI HURT, our staff gathers the initial patient data at their earliest convenience. You won’t have to deal with the headaches of filling out the paperwork at the hospitals, thanks to what we’ve done. In accordance with your initial intake form, we direct you to the best medical care.