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With over 20 years of experience in the medical and legal domain, we know how difficult it is to get proper medical care after an accident. Working within a network such as ours ensures that all of your questions, concerns and most importantly, your health is well taken care of. We take pride in ourselves in ensuring that every injured party is well taken care of. PI Hurt knows the issues of some practices that run up your PIP billing and you don’t feel any better. With our network of medical professionals, who have been vetted, you will be taken care of. We at PI Hurt, ensure that your health and medical needs are met accurately. We care about your wellbeing.

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Mr. Wade holds an AS degree in Legal Studies, a Bachelors in Computer Science and seeking his Masters in Project Management. Mr. Wade is a licensed private investigator and has worked 100’s of automobile accident cases, slip and falls, etc. Mr. Wade had an automobile accident, many years ago, which left him feeling appalled with his doctors and the care that he received from some of his medical doctors. This was the main reason Ron Wade started PI Hurt, LLC, to help guide you to some of the best and top medical professionals that he has worked with in the past, present and will continue to work with in the future. So when some ask me why us, it’s because we really do care about you, your family, and your medical care.