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    Our Mission

    Connecting You with The Best Personal Injury Automobile Accident Care in Florida

    PI Hurt provides referral services for anyone who has undergone an accident or facing an injury. We understand the devastating crises with health and financial burden that comes with any accident. Therefore, we guide families and patients through the complex maze of specialists, doctors and hospitals, turning it seamless. Our goal is to extend our hand of support when it is needed the most.

    Florida Personal Injury and Automobile Accident Care: Get Quality Medical Care After Your Accident

    At PI Hurt, we are more than just a network of medical professionals – WE ARE YOUR ADVOCATES! With our specially curated team boasting over 20 years of combined experience across legal and healthcare domains, you can rest assured that your health is always at the forefront. And don’t worry about navigating through an overwhelming system – We make it easy for you by taking care of all aspects, from obtaining urgent treatments to ongoing follow-ups, so YOU have one less thing to worry about during this time. Our priority? Your well-being.

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    Proper Medical Care After an Accident: How PI Hurt Can Help You Get the Care You Need

    Getting proper medical care after an accident can be challenging for many individuals. From finding the right medical providers to managing medical bills and insurance coverage, navigating the healthcare system while recovering from an injury can be overwhelming. At PI Hurt, we understand these difficulties and are here to help. Our network of trusted medical professionals has been carefully selected to ensure you receive quality care and support throughout your recovery. With our expertise in the medical and legal domains, we can guide you through getting the care you need while minimizing the financial and emotional stress that often accompanies medical treatment. Whether you need urgent care services or ongoing medical care, we’re here to help you get back on your feet.

    Our Best


    Medical Referral Service

    With our reliable network of medical providers, we are here to guide you toward the best healthcare for your individual needs. Let us be your partner in health and well-being!

    Personal Injury

    Going through a personal injury? Get connected with the correct doctor to ease that pain.

    Auto Accidents

    Been through a serious car accident? We will refer you to urgent care facilities right away.

    Slip and Falls

    Slip-and-fall accident could cause long-term health problems. We can help prevent that.

    Truck Accidents

    Truck accidents can be life-threatening. Let’s get you connected to a qualified doctor.

    Other Accidents

    If you just had an accident and need immediate attention, let us handle it all.

    Initial Intake for doctors

    Our intake process ensures that your medical needs are accurately assessed and you’re connected with the right providers.

    Physical Therapy

    Our physical therapists allow you to regain strength, flexibility and mobility after an injury. Our tailored plans can help you get back on track quickly — making even major setbacks feel more manageable!


    Our chiropractic doctors allow you to reclaim your life from pain and discomfort. With our help, the aches in your back, neck, and spine can be a thing of the past – leaving improved well-being as its legacy!


    We have selected the best orthopedic surgeons you’ll need. Save your time and effort by opting for our specialists.


    Our neurological services can help address injuries to the brain and nervous system, such as concussion and nerve damage.

    Pain Management

    We offer personalized pain management plans to help you manage pain and discomfort during your recovery.


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      Access to Quality Medical Care

      At PI Hurt, we truly understand how hard it can be to recover from an accident. That’s why our team is dedicated to ensuring you have access to quality medical care across Florida – no matter where you are! Our network of vetted providers specializes in physical therapy, chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological services as well as pain management, so whatever treatment your healing journey requires; we’re here for you every step of the way. We believe that having a trusted professional by your side during this time is key for restoration & recovery. So let us help set up the best possible environment for getting better today!


      Trust and Credibility of Medical Providers

      Here at PI Hurt, we understand that finding medical care you can trust and rely on is essential. That’s why we’re committed to providing our Florida clients with a network of reliable providers who are held to the highest standards in healthcare quality — no compromises! From carefully reviewing credentials and qualifications to continuously monitoring feedback from patients like yourself – getting your well-being into good hands is always our priority. We want all those seeking care through us to have peace of mind knowing they will get nothing but the best: safe, secure and trustworthy treatment every time.

      Frequently Asked Question

      We now have an FAQ list that we hope will help you answer some of the questions you might have.

      What is a medical referral service?

      A medical referral service is a service that connects patients with the right medical professionals based on their specific needs and preferences, when involved in an automobile accident. PI Hurt is a medical referral service that connects patients with trusted and experienced medical professionals in Florida, for all personal injury incidents.

      How does PI Hurt's medical referral service work for urgent care?

      Our medical referral service helps patients find the right urgent personal injury care doctors in Florida based on their location, specific medical needs, and insurance coverage. We work with a network of vetted and trusted medical doctors, for personal injury,  to ensure that our patients receive quality and timely medical care.

      How can a medical referral service save me time and money for urgent care needs?

      By using our medical referral service, patients can avoid spending time searching for an available auto accident personal injury doctors and can receive prompt care. Additionally, our service can help patients find an urgent care center that is covered by their insurance, potentially saving them money on medical bills.

      How can I trust that the urgent care center recommended by PI Hurt is reliable?

      We thoroughly vet all of the urgent care centers in our network to ensure that they meet our standards for quality care and patient satisfaction. We also provide patient reviews and ratings to help patients make informed decisions about their healthcare.

      Can PI Hurt's medical referral service help me with non-urgent medical needs?

      Yes, our medical referral service can connect patients with a variety of medical professionals, including primary care physicians, specialists, and therapists, for both urgent and non-urgent needs. We personalize our intake process to ensure that patients are matched with the right medical professional to meet their specific needs.

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